The World After

A new style of game joins our dematerialized catalogue! We are pleased to publish Burning Sunset Studio’s FMV Point & Click: The World After. Follow the story of Vincent, a writer who moves to a small village in France outside the city to finish his novel and escape confinement during the pandemic. But this peaceful […]

Shoot, pixels, fun!

PixelHeart welcomes a new style to its digital catalogue: a first-person shooter! Retro Army Limited strikes us once again with its quirky sense of humor, but this time in an old-school FPS the way we like it. The Spy Who Shot Me places us in the tuxedo of Agent 7 (inspired by a famous British […]

VISCO Collection soon available in physical version

The result of our collaboration with studio QUByte Interactive is about to be released! QUByte Interactive is a Brazilian studio behind several compilation editions, including Vasara Collection and Breaker’s Collection but also the incredible game 99 Vidas. Our collaboration has resulted in the release of a Visco Collection this October 26th 2023 in digital version […]

Play the role of young Yuki Shirokawa on Nintendo Switch!

SaruPro’s title lands on Switch 🎮 We’re pleased to announce that Fx Unit Yuki: The Henshin Engine has just been released on the Nintendo eShop for €8.99 ($8.99). Nintendo eShop 🇯🇵 Nintendo eShop 🇺🇸 Nintendo eShop 🇫🇷 Play as young Yuki Shirokawa, JEC’s newest beta tester. Transformed into FX Unit Yuki when she got too […]

4 Must-Haves from our catalog are back!

Did you miss them?Don’t worry, they’re here 🔥 Following the end of a partnership, some of our games had to leave the Nintendo Eshop in May 2023. The team has been hard at work, and we’re delighted to announce that our games will be back in digital form at the end of October 2023! And […]

ODYSSÉE PROJECT: Video game museum in France.

PixelHeart is honored to be part of the “Odyssey Project” launched by Ici Japon Corp. This operation, financed via KissKissBankBank, involves the creation of a video game museum in France.At the time of writing, the €1 million mark has been reached. Congratulations! More than 10,000 people are already supporting the project via the funding campaign, […]


Did you like Demons of Asteborg? Neofid Studios, BitBeamCannon and PixelHeart are preparing a new retro videogame bomb: DaemonClaw! Play as Elrik Eisenfaust, a valiant soldier armed with his DaemonClaw and charged with liberating the world of Nnar from the yoke of the Zverkin. In this 16Bit-style action game, you’ll have to traverse numerous levels […]


Team PixelHeart stayed at Ici Japon Village! The PixelHeart team barely returned from the BitSummit in Japan (Kyoto), and the behind-the-scenes of their journey revealed an equally captivating experience. During their stay in the Land of the Rising Sun, PixelHeart had the privilege of lodging at Ici Japon Village (Tokyo), an exceptional establishment managed by […]


Team PixelHeart is back from Japan full of emotion, good contacts and new projects… During a trip to Japan in July 2023, we had the opportunity to travel to Kyoto for an incredible event, in this iconic city steeped in tradition and modernity. We’re proud to have been one of the sponsors of this year’s […]

“Souno’s Curse” new project

A poetic new adventure Development studio Kiro Team has launched its Kickstarter in October 2021 for the game Souno’s Curse. The Kickstarter was a success and the funding was completed in a very short time by the contributors. In early 2023, PixelHeart decided to invest in this very promising project and take it even further. […]

When your sister comes to help you!

Are you familiar with the OrionSoft development studio? PixelHeart has collaborated on several retro games! This development studio is behind Alice’s Mom’s Rescue, Zia & the Goddesses of Magic and, most recently, Alice Sisters on Dreamcast and Sega Megadrive/Genesis. Alice and her sister will be released on next-gen consoles in dematerialized version on June 22 […]

PixelHeart pins badges series 2!

Missed them? They’re back! The first session of PixelHeart game pins was a great success, so we have prepared a second one for you! Like its big sister, the second set of badges will feature 20 different designs (10 common, 6 uncommon and 4 rare). To get a badge, it’s very simple, you just have […]