PixelHeart is a company that distributes and publishes independent video games on multiple platforms such as Dreamcast, Super Nintendo or Nintendo Switch, but it also works on projects such as board games, card games… Thanks to a team of enthusiasts and talented creators, we have the opportunity to work with the production company JoshProd and studios such as Storybird, Visco, Invictus Games, or Mr. Paul Cuisset the father of Flashback and Fade to Black. A real research work is done to find beautiful little retro/next gen beads, by finding the rightful owners of these licenses. We want to revive your gamers/retrogamers souls by offering you quality products, both in the packaging and the contents of the cartridges/CD. But we go even further by also working on Next Gen projects and we are constantly looking for new projects. Whether you are a professional studio or a team of amateur designers, present us your creations by contacting us via the site’s contact form. Feel free to submit your comments so that we can improve our site and our products and ensure optimal service. PixelHeart.