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BLACK FRIDAY is coming!


You are not ready for the discounts that will be offered!

PixelHeart will participate to the very limited time operation of Black Friday, which will take place this Friday, November 25th from 00:00 to 23:59 French time.

Neo Geo AES section

An exclusive 50€ discount on the whole Neo Geo AES section (excluding pre-order games) brings the price of the games from 399€90 to 349€90!

As a reminder, here is the list of our Neo Geo AES titles:

  • Breaker’s Revenge NEO GEO AES US/JPN
  • Neo Drift Out NEO GEO AES US/JPN
  • Andro Dunos NEO GEO AES US/JPN
  • Bang 2 Busters NEO GEO AES US/JPN
  • Bang 2 Busters NEO GEO AES US/JPN
  • Captain Tomaday NEO GEO AES
  • Bang 2 Busters NEO GEO AES US/JPN
All NEO GEO AES games are on sale
All NEO GEO AES games are on sale
Nintendo Switch games in standard version
  • Super Trench Attack SWITCH: -20% off
  • Finding Teddy 2 JAP Cover SWITCH: -20% off
  • Liberated Enhanced Edition SWITCH: -20% off
  • Guns Of Mercy EUR/JAP SWITCH: -20% off
  • Golden Force SWITCH: -20% off
  • Okinawa Rush Black Mantis Edition PS4 : -25% off
  • Okinawa Rush Black Mantis SW Edition : -25% off
  • Golden Force Mercenary Edition PS4 : -25% off
  • Golden Force Mercenary SW Edition : -25% off
Playstation 4 games in standard version
  • Golden Force PS4: -25% off
  • Tanuki Justice PS4: -25% off
25% off on few PS4 games on our website
25% off on few PS4 games on our website
Dreamcast Games US/JPN

Except for pre-order games and titles from the last Dreamcast PAL and US/JPN set (Rocketron ; Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser ; Alice Sisters ; Tough Guy , Satazius Next).

The discount for all other games is -30% off.

The stock may be gone quickly and there will not be enough for everyone!

See you soon!

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